Office bang

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Office bang

She was leaning against the counter when he approached her. She knew he would come. The place was empty. All the other employees had gone home and she wasnt due to leave for another hour. He walked up behind her and put his hands on her hips. She stiffened at his touch hoping to discourage him but knew it wouldnt. This had become a pretty routine activity between the 2 of them. 2 months ago he caught her in a vulnerable moment and seduced her. She had only been with her husband in her entire life. Theyd met in the 8th grade and married out of high school.

Shed always been prim and proper, her entire life. Her husband was the only man to ever see or touch her naked body. The day after shed slipped and let another man fuck her, he came back for more. She was shocked and offended at the suggestion and was about to storm off but the thought of what hed done to her stirred her. After much arguing and insults she realized she was going to give in to him again and he knew it. What she didnt agree to was for him to pull out his cell phone and take pictures of her while she sucked his dick. He had her show her titties while she sucked him. She couldnt believe what she was doing.

Now he stood behind her and was reaching around her waist to undo the snap of her jeans. When they lossened he pushed them and her panties down until they hit the floor.
"Step" he said
She lifted her foot out of the material.

Now she leaned against the counter naked from the waist down. With one hand he was busy freeing his cock from his pants, with the other he fondled her tits from behind.
She felt degraded at the act but had to comply because her body continued to betray her.

Now she felt the head of his cock on the crack of her ass sliding up and down. He body was conditioned stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv by now to respond and she felt the moisture grow between her legs. While he didnt have any decency or morals, white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie he did have a big cock and knew how to use it. He applied pressure from behind and was inside her pussy in seconds. He started a rhythmic motion pumping his hips upward to get maximum penetration from the angle he was at. She rocked back and forth at the intrusion of her body. After 10 minutes of steady pumping he withdrew. She knew what was next. He applied pressure at her /asshole/">asshole and soon gained entry to that hole. The head of his cock popped through and from there it went smoothly.

The /first-time/">first time he fucked up the ass she wailed and cried at the violation but now she was accustom to it and sort of liked the feeling.
"You like dick meat in your ass, dont you?" He whispered in her ear and he rutted into her.
Her breathing was intense as he thrust but she found the ability to mumble an almost inaudible response.
"Yes" It was barely a whisper.

He thrust harder and harder until he tensed and pounded into her one last time. He dumped his load of cum into her ass.

As he pulled free he surveyed her body and watched her asshole slowly start to close. It was not his last act. He usually made her suck his cock before he let her go. Today was no different as she went to her knees without having to be told. He pushed his soiled dick into her face and gave her a good face fuck as she stood on her knee before him. When he finished this time he shot his load into her mouth and then wiped himself off on her face. As like the last time she was ashamed and humiliated when he was done. Barely a word was spoken during the whole ordeal. When he stepped away she heard the door open to the outer office. She tried to scramble and grab her pants up but he stopped her.

"Its just a few of my friends." He said and she knew the implication.
"No way..." She said

"You like dick babe, so I got you some more." He said as the inner office door opened and 3 men entered. She was still on her knees with her pants crumpled in the floor, her well used pussy exposed.

As they entered the room their eyes went straight to her pussy and then to her cum smeared face. No words were spoken by them. They merely started to undo their own pants. In minutes she was on her knees taking one in her pussy and one in her mouth. She was angry at her weakness and aggressive in her performance. By the end of the hour they had used all her holes and left her /cum/red-cum/covered-in-cum/">covered in cum. As angry as she was she knew it was something she would do again...