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At 17, I'm very much an /innocent/innocent-girl/">innocent girl. although not ignorant. i've always had a crush on this particular guy, shane (25) but because he was way older than me i never really bothered to know him. he was the town heartbreaker and a proffesional football player, he was built like a man of steel and always had a smile and joke for everyone. he had a part time job in a computer company since he actually wanted to be a computer engineer. And also he lived a grand bachelors life.

I lived with my aunt (my parents died after my /mom/">mom had given birth to me, in a plane crash).

My aunt owned a mini market where people from the neighborhood came and bought things. And Shane was a regular customer, whenever he would come he would milf porn videos wink at me and stay there with my aunt talking until a girl with ass and titties would come along then he blowjob porn videos would follow her out.

One particular evening he came to the store and my aunt wasn't around,
"Hey Keisha!" he said
"Sup Shane. What you doing herre?"
"just came to find a particular beuaty" he said winking at me.
"Marlene isn't herre" i said
"who says i'm for her?"

"oh no!" i said "you broke up with Marlene." marlene was he latest girl, and also a town beauty with titties to die for and great legs too. "shane!! how could you."
he shruged "i couldn't care less, she was getting on my nerves and forever annoying me and nagging at where i'd been and where i'm going. anyway forgetting about her," he grinned at me "i heard you're dating greg, that white boy."
"i was."

"you were? what happened?"
"i refused to sleep with him."
"ah!! the immaculate keisha!"
"Shane!": i hit his arm "it's not that i just didn't think he was right for me, now if i could only find a young dark brother who wouldn't care about my breast and would just be happy about me being me and."

"hold up, hold up!" shane said. "what makes you think guys don't like you just the way you are, you're the one that doesn't like coming out of your hole and hates going out when people ask you out."

"know what? Your right, it's my fault, it's just that I'm too /scared/">scared!" I dropped my head
"what are you scared of?" he asked "everyone likes you, your aunt is well respected and well, nothing gonna happen to you."

"what if something does." He was now very close to me, and I was looking into his deep black eyes.
"nothings gonna happen to you, cos' if anything does they'll have to answer to me." Then before I knew what was happening his face was pressed to mine, he lowered his mouth to mine, and began kissing me. I tried to stop him, but he brought his hand to the back of my head and pressed me to him. he teased my tongue and bit my lips until they were sore and swollen and tried pushing him to stop but he wouldn't budge, the kiss was sending fire down into my throat and I was feeling hot. Although I'd been kissed by different boys throughout my whole exisistance, they always stopped and never tried French kissing me. Shane plunged his mouth into mine deliberately trying to make me scream I couldn't breath and was trying to cope with the kiss which refused to end.

"shane." I whispered.
"shh..." he said. "Don't make me stop, I don't want to." He breathed into me as he spoke. "god, I've wanted this for so." Just then someone came to stand in front of the counter, I broke away from him and smiled at the was Mrs. Crook, an old lady that lived just blocks away from my house, and always loved gossips if any kind.

"Oh, hi Mrs. Crook."
She looked at me, then at Shane, I knew she was going to tell my aunt but I that moment I didn't care. "so, you're his new..girl Keisha, "she said looking at shane as he took off.

"No Mrs. Crook."
"Then why were you kissing him."
"I wasn't kissing him Mrs. Crook. Nothing happened."
"But I saw you."

"Saw me what." I said challenging her, I gave her, her bag and bid her be careful on the step." Before turning away
Late that night I couldn't sleep and stayed up thinking about Shane and the kiss got me so wet I wanted to touch my pussy, but I was afraid. I've never really touched my self except when taking a bath, so I decided to go and take a bath. Just to feel what it would be like. I used the cold water and experimented my body, I had curves in all the right places and was enjoying the feel the cold water was doing to my nipples, hardening them until I almost moaned allowed. My hands travelled lower to my pussy and immediately I touched it I gasped it was moist, I wished it was shane touching me, but I immediately removed him from my mind. Shane was player and would only use me till he was tired then dump me like he did the rest. I offed the shower and went back to my room. On getting there I saw a shadow, I knew someone was behind the curtain I was scared and immediately dived for the door. The man put his hand on my mouth before I could scream and carried ma kicking back to my bed.