Closing Time

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Closing Time

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I barely remember the night before, with the sensation of getting silly and , and the bartender laughing his head off, presumably about my typical drunken foolishness. I then lost all sense of time, and eventually consciousness itself, dozing off into a drunken sleep. I must have slept for a good 6 hours, or so, before I felt something on my cock, surrounding it, and I real forced anal against her will panicked, waking up to find out what was trapping my manhood. 

There was Jessie, the hot, sultry waitress from the bar, sucking me off, in what I assumed to be her bed. I could not believe that this babe had taken me to her place, in my drunken state, instead of having me arrested or just calling a cab. Here she was, obviously enjoying herself, and I realized that she had brought me home precisely so she could use me this way.


"Jessie, as always."

"I thought that you live with Paul (the bartender)."

"I do. We are live-in partners."

"So are you swingers, or are you cheating on him right now?"

"Relax. Paul and I have a deal. We are allowed to bring drunk patrons home from the bar, and have our way with them, whatever their sex, but we are only allowed to fuck our patrons- the drunk ones, that is."

"So, how long have you been sucking my cock?"

"Ever since I woke up, about 2 hours ago."

"Wow, that's a long time to give anyone a blowjob! Aren't your jaws tired?"

"Not really, because Paul and I have been taking turns with it."

I turned pale at this point- had I revealed, in my drunken state, that I am bisexual? I guessed by now that Paul is bi, but what made him think that I would be cool with it, or did he just not care?

"Paul sucked my dick too?"

"Yes, and you didn't seem to mind it so much, Dan."

"Yes, well, I am ..."


"Yes, that's right- bisexual."

"Yeah, it kinda became obvious after a while."

"Did it?"

"You didn't even notice any difference at all, between my mouth and his."

"I see."

"You also sucked his cock, and ate my pussy."

"I did?"

"Yeah, and I must admit that you are a damn -eater,
not to mention cock-sucker."

"I am?"

"Certainly, I came twice to your oral attentions, plus once when you rimmed my asshole."

"I tossed your salad?"

"Yes, and you were fantastic at it, really going for my pucker."

"I was?"

"Yeah, and Paul came into your mouth at least once."

"He did?"

"Yes, he certainly did. You just swallowed it all up, and gulped it down like milk."

"Well, I guess that I should cum soon, get my stuff, and head for home."

"Not on your life, buddy! I still haven't been fucked in my pussy with that nice, of yours, and I also need it badly in my ass, as does Paul. We are planning to enjoy you all day long, and then we'll let go you home! I mean, seriously, do you really have better plans for a Sunday?"

"Not really, but I wasn't expecting that you'd still be hungry for my cock after enjoying it for 2 straight hours."

"Well, I am very hungry for it, and especially for your cum, so just relax and accept that you are going to get fucked all day long!"

"My dick will be pretty sore after that."

"I don't care, neither does Paul, and, frankly, neither do you. Isn't that right? You will take a little soreness if it comes from plenty of , won't you?"

"You got me on that point. So, do you have any preferences about being fucked?"

"Just fuck us, thoroughly, as hard as we need it. I really like it rough, wearing me out. Paul likes it that way as well."

"Alright, so I will fuck both of you all day long. Shouldn't I bathe or shower first?"

"We actually bathed you this morning- got you nice and clean. I brushed your teeth, and Paul shaved your face."

"Wow, that's rather a pleasant ! So, are you just xnxxv sunny leone video going to keep sucking me until I cum, or did you have some other plan?"

"I'm gonna get you stiff, and then I will straddle your fine phallus, taking it for a nice, long ride. I want you to , with plenty of jizz to knock me up."

"You mean that you're not on the pill?"

"Nope, because I want to get by whomever gets there first! I like the idea of a competition to impregnate me, with sperm from various over the chance."

"Paul is cool with this?"

"Certainly, because he wants me to be pregnant, so he can at last fuck a preggo. That's been a of his for a while, and it while be fulfilled soon, I hope. He will claim the child, to encourage men to knock me up."

"He'd bring up a child that he knew wasn't his, and say it is anyway?"

"Absolutely. He is sterile, due to some accident aboard a nuclear sub in the Navy, so any child would have to belong to someone else."

"Okay, well, in that case, I'm ready at any moment now."

"Good, 'cause I think it's time to ride you, buddy."

With that, she stopped sucking me, leaving a vacuum around my cock, which she soon filled with her pussy, tightening it around my penis for a while to get it worked up.