Sean and Darren

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Sean and Darren

 I had always thought of myself as just a guy trying to get money to get by but everyone else saw me as a slut. i worked in what was called a man /whore/">whore house. i hated it but i had no choice. i had to have some form of income or my little sister would be taken away so i became a /gay/gay-slut/">gay slut.

One night when I was free porn movies download waiting for someone else to come in my boss walked in.
"hey sean." he said to me. Jason was a very hot and constantly horny man. i had my fill of his /sweet/">sweet cum on numerous occasions. especially on his birthday where i stood naked and chained for him while he probed and fucked me.
"hi." i answered laying on my back and spreading my legs for him while i lay naked on th bed. that was how he liked me. butt naked and my legs spread.
"you got another one." he said as a muscular man with dark brown eyes and just as dark brown hair. i was instantly hard and so was he. "i'll leave you two alone." jason said leaving the room
"sean isn't it?" he asked stripping himself of clothing i nodded to him
"yeah." i said in the sexiest voice i could. He grabbed my cock firmly in his hand. half of the eight inches of my meat was gone in his tight grip. I groaned and squirmed unde his power.
"you're pathetic." he muttered. i shuddered loving the words. he looked around and found a dildo consiting of large rubber feeling like balls on what seemed to be a rubber bar. i shuddered at the though of that thing going inside my ass. it was flexible and Darren bent it a little as a sexy smirk came over his face.

"turn on your stomach and spread your ass for me." He told me which of course i did. i spread my ass as far as i could and gasped as the tip of the dildo entered my tight little hole.

"you're so fucking tight." he growled forcing the long stick of black rubber up to the first ball wich looked like it would never fit inside my ass. my cock was bulding and pulsing wildly. i wanted his cock inside me so badly

"you nasty little slut. Take it up your ass." darren said softly as he added the first ball into my ass, i whimpered and tensed up around it. he slowly slide it down and added the next one. then the next and then the next untill all the balls were inside me. i was panting like a dog and on the verge of tears from the pain. after a few moments i got used to it.

"take it out." i begged jacking myself off. there was a stopper at the end and a handle so the person could controll it and the stopper was so it wouldn't go all the way in.

"get up." he told me and as i stood i yelped as the dildo inside me moved. he pressed me against the wall and took a bull whip out. i whimpered as brushed the whip against my back.

"such a dirty whore." he chuckled. "filty dirty whore. i'll teach you how to beg." he whispered suducivly in my ear. i moaned as he tapped on the handle of the dildo that was in my leaking ass. then he whit me a loud snap came to my ears then the pain of the whip.

"AH! oh /master/">master please master take it out i'll be your little bitch forever!" i begged. another hit.

"master please. i wanna cum. i wanna cum all over you." i pleadeded and then another hit. my cock felt like it was going to burst.

"come on you dirty bitch touch yourself for me." he said forcing me to my knees and to face him. i was loving every waking moment of this time with him. i rubbed my rigth nipple and my cock greatfully he slowly pulled the dildo out making me whimper more. then he added a vibrator turning it on high.

"OH MY GOD I'M GONNA CUM!!" i squealed rubbing myself harder. he got down on his knees and sucked on my huge /erection/">erection. i panted hard and soon my juices exploded into his mouth and all over his face and chest.

"clean this up." he said and so i did. i licked his chest and face clean then kissed him getting every drop of cum that i could from his lips. Darren took the vibrator out of me and forced me to lay down on my back. my hole was wide enough for him now and he started to force every inch of his meet inside me. he handcuffed my hands behind my back after his tip was inside and i suddenly felt like an he was trying to fit the washington monument inside my ass. he was so huge i was screaming now as blood poured down my legs.

"i'm gonna cum. i'm gonna cum. i can't hold it!" i panted as he forced his entire cock in and out of full hd xvideo download my tiny body. "cum you fucking slut." he panted and i came once more harder than last time. after our bodies had been /cum/red-cum/covered-in-cum/">covered in cum he let out his huge load that he'd been saving all the time and made me moan loudly as his steamy hot liquid shot into me. he pulled out and i laid there panting. i was on my side licking mylips with blood pouring down my leg. after cleaning up a bit darren walked over and placed a card with his phone number on it on the pillow of my bed. he then kissed me and smiled.

"you're really /cute/">cute Sean." he whispered to me and left. a few moments later my boss came in and turned me onto my stomach stepping on my ass making darren's /squirting/cum-squirt/">cum squirt out of me as it was oozing out slowly. i whimpered and he spread my legs cleaning me up.

"looks like you had fun." Jason said after licking his lips. "darrens waiting for you outside." he told me. "he wants to date you says you two go to the same community college together." he added looking at his phone number.

"i'd love to." i panted. sinc ethen darren and i have been together. we fuck eachother almost every night and we enjoy it. after two years we wound up getting hitched and living together. we would never forget the night our bodies met nore the heated passion we felt in doing it. so at the risk of sounding cliche we lived happily ever after.