My sexy tutor and babysitter part one

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My sexy tutor and babysitter part one

My name is Matt ORourke, and I live in Elliskillen, Co. Fermanagh, in Northern Ireland. When I lost my virginity, I was 18 years old (Which was the legal age of consent in the North), around 5 foot 11 in height, and I was in good shape. My Maths tutor was Emma OMalley lived in the South (in Co. Leitrim), and was four years older than me. Not only was she a great Maths tutor, but she was the sexiest woman that I knew. She was around an inch or two shorter porn videos download than me, a /blonde/">blonde with long hair falling down her xxx thin back, had size D cups, an hourglass figure and catwalk-thin legs.

She had being tutoring me since I was boy, just when I was going into puberty. I tried not to be too blatant in eyeing her legs and her boobs during those sessions, which was made more difficult by her choice of clothing, which either consisted of a low-cut top, a miniskirt with black tights, and often both. Often during her sessions, I asked to go to the bathroom, where I masturbated, and fantasized fucking her. I worried if shed notice my staring, but she never passed any remarks.

One day, a few months after my sixteenth birthday, my parents had to attend a business meeting in Shanghai, and stay for a week. I didnt want to go to China, and they reluctantly agreed, and asked Emma to babysit. She agreed, and arrived at my house an hour before my parents left, looking as stunning as ever, with a sleep-over bag in tow. After tea, my parents left at nine oclock. When they have left, I had made my mind up - I was going to fuck Emma before the week was over. After my parents left, we played a game of chess, and we discussed everything from University advice to music.

I was so turned on during that time, and I really wanted to fuck her. However, although I did not share the conservative beliefs of my parents when it came to sexuality, I still found sex an awkward topic to broach, so I said nothing about sex during those two hours, after which we felt that it was getting late, and that it was time to hit the sack.

After brushing my teeth and having a quick shower in my en suite bathroom, I was sitting up in my double bed when Emma entered my room, smelling of soap and wearing a black, see-through night dress. "Where did your parents say that I was meant to sleep?" she asked. The departure was rushed at the last minute, so I figured that my parents properly forgot to tell her where she was meant to sleep, until I realised that there were only two bedrooms in the house - mine, and my parents. My Parents room was messy, so my room had the only clean bed in the house that night.

"Sorry, this is the only bed available, Ill go and sleep on the coach" I replied. I made to get up and carry my stuff downstairs until Emma said "Its fine Matt, would you mind if I slept next to you?", while flashing a smile than turned me on even more. I tried not to sound too eager, and to not look too much like a pervert as she walked to the other side of my bed and slid into it. I turned off my light, and said goodnight.

After a while, I put my arm around her shoulders, and when she didnt object, I put my other arm around her waist. She smiled, hugged me back, and kissed me. "You look nice tonight, Emma" I said. "So do you" she replied. Then, I asked the question that I always wanted to ask her. "Emma, do you want to have sex?". I was worried that she was going to recoil in disgust, slap me and call me a pervert, but she didnt. Instead, she said "Id be glad to". I turned on the light again, and we took off our clothing. I grabbed a bottle of lubrication, and shared it with Emma.

After we lubricated ourselves, we played for a while, me /tickling/">tickling her nibbles and her pussy, her stroking my dick. We both groaned in lustful pleasure, and when we couldnt take it any more, I climbed on top of her, and inserted my dick into her warm, /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. She wasnt a virgin, I was surprised to find, and I fucked her hard and fast, just like in my fantasizes. She laid there, lost in pleasure, and we came at the same time. Satisfied, we settled down into bed, and fell asleep, resting for almost a week of lust and pleasure......